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In general functions might be approximated by series. For example the following approximation holds:

sinh(x)= x + x^2/3! + x^5/5! + x^7/7! + ...

You are to prepare a program performing the following tasks:

1. On a screen 1000x200 draw y= sinh(x), x € (0,100). Use auto scaling for the rang of y.

2. Using the approximate formula draw the function on a screen using N first element of a sequence (N should be a user input). For example if user sets N=3 the approximation will just be just as the one given in the formula.

3. Draw the error of the approximation (Error(x) =|Y accurate(x) - Y approximate(x)|)
post what you have so far or i assume you just want someone to do your homework
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i just want the idea how to do it
@AlexBen - you mean you want someone to do it for you! You don't learn like that. Have a go at doing it yourself and when you get stuck, ask for assistance on the particular issue you have...
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