input/output file error?

for my program i have to send everything to an output file while reading it from the input file. i made the inout file and ran the program but nothing happened. my program has a few functions so its kind of hard to put it in here. you can tell me to put up some parts of the program. thanks
i made the inout file

You might have more luck if the input file and output file are different files.
sorry that was a typo. I have two separate files. the input file and the output files. I just ran them on codeblocks and the data is all wrong in the output file.
There's no way we can possibly help you without some code to look at. At the very least, we'll need to see the code that reads from the input file and the code that reads to the output file. Anything that modifies the objects containing the data in between reading it and writing it will be needed too.

Also, you need to tell us what results you're getting, and what results you expect to get.

You'll have to use your skill and judgement about which parts of your code to show us. You know your code and we don't, so we can't possibly know which bits you should show us.
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