Please take a look. My first project

hey guys, this is my first post and i was wondering if you guys could take a look at the first c++ program i have written. all comments are welcome positive and negative.

source files:

compiled program:

P.S: im a complete noob so excuse me for any blunders in the code. and if u like please share.

here is a link to a video of my program:
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No way is anyone in there right mind going to click on a link.

May you give more information :
- Name of your first project?
- Your compiler (optional)
- Description of this program?
- Program type : WinAPI, OpenGl, or DirectX
- Your idea, plan (optional)

And more importantly, your project should have some screenshots or a Youtube video. (This is very important) :)

Hope this helps.
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oh ok sure will do. just let me get to my comp.
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the project plays knots and crosses.
the compiler is code::blocks
the program allows u to play against the computer or a friend on the same pc
Its a console program.
hope this helps.
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