Where to go now ?

Okay so ,im fairly an expert in the following topics in c++ now..

Functions, loops, arrays, classes, structures, pointers, constructors, conditions,all operators,data file handling(fstream.h), linked lists ,stacks and queues....

My book only had these topics...Which i now know completely (i think)..
I want to know where to go from here ?
What should be the next step ? I want to move on to some advanced things...coz all this was pretty nooby...?

Where to go now ?
pls help :)
Time to start learning how to program.

Project Euler is a good place to start.
anything else ?
You said fstream.h ? That not seems good :)
Show a jpg file on screen.
You said fstream.h ? That not seems good :)

why not good ?

(im a noob ...)

Show a jpg file on screen.

what are you talking about ?

Pls help me out ..
Sounds like you know plenty to start some actual programs. Like someone said, Project Euler is a good place. Go find some small open source projects to look at. Read the code and understand it, make some changes, fix things. Just write some code.
why not good ?

(im a noob ...)

But you said you just said you're an expert.

Anyway, not good because header files ending with .h are not standard. You should use <fstream> and for any other libraries you might have to add a 'c' in front of the library's name. Anyway, it's not such a huge deal, just naming conventions and some namespace thing you you probably haven't learned yet, considering you're using .h header.

As for the second question, he was telling you to learn how to load an image fine and show it on screen. You might want to use a library for that or any other graphics. I recommend SFML
This is like asking "OK, I've read the whole dictionary and I understand all the words... So, what kind of book should I write?"

We don't know you or what your goals are so it's hard to give you any valid direction. Decide what you want to do with your skills and the path you need to take will become obvious.

In the meantime, take Moschops advice and start coding. Do Euler, write your own text editor, make a simple game or two, whatever it takes to put the knowledge you just learned into practical use.
Make some shit. Dont get stuck in the loop of learning, actually apply what you know and begin working on some project that will really test what you know.
Learn while you program, that's been my theory for awhile now. After getting the bare bones, just get out and program. You'll definitely run into issues and will get stuck researching new ideas and solutions, this process will give you practical knowledge that will actually stick. No one became a good programmer just from reading books.

Remember, even the great Dennis Ritchie once was a beginner.
I really hate asking this like a noob...

but I already know that I need to get out there..."apply" my knowledge etc.

But "HOW TO" apply ..is what Im asking..

Project euler is good ...im checking it out ...I want something more into C++ ...like making stuff on my own ...like making my games and keyloggers etc. and stuff that can do shit.
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That's part of the learning. If making a key logger sounds fun, then go out and research how its done. Then start implementing it yourself
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