Adding BigInt lib

$ ls  BigIntegerUtils.o      NumberlikeArray.hh
BigIntegerAlgorithms.hh         README
BigIntegerAlgorithms.o   BigUnsigned.hh         run-testsuite    sample
BigInteger.hh            BigUnsignedInABase.hh
BigIntegerLibrary.hh     BigUnsignedInABase.o   sample.o
BigInteger.o             BigUnsigned.o       ChangeLog              testsuite.err
BigIntegerUtils.hh       Makefile               testsuite.out

I just downloaded the bigint libraries online. I already ran the makefile and all and now I have a folder full of the library files in my desktop. I guess my question is, what files should I add to /usr/lib and where should I have the rest so that I can easily include them in any project I am working on?

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> I just downloaded the a bigint libraries online.

You will need to move all *.o, except for sample.o
also change their name (prefix them with `lib', and end in .a)
so it ends /usr/local/lib/libBigIntegerAlgorithms.a

The *.hh should be in the INCLUDE_PATH. (by instance, /usr/local/include )
That makefile does not have a "install" target ? If yes, just run sudo make install again.
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