differing pthread.h files

I am learning about threads and have been trying to compile a program which contains one. It has the #include <pthread.h> line, but my AVI, CodeBlocks, spits out a variety of errormessages saying that pthread_attr_t is not a defined variable.
I searched my hard drive and found several pthread.h files, each with differing content. Some define the struct pthread_attr_t and others don't. The same is true of other structures necessary for later variable definitions.

Also some of the pthread.h files had redundant but differing definitions of variables.

Can someone set me straight on whether there is a standard pthread.h file and where I can get it.
> I searched my hard drive and found several pthread.h files
¿where? I've just got /usr/include/pthread.h
you can use the -v flag to see where it is searching your includes.

¿wtf is AVI?
Quote: ¿wtf is AVI?

The programming interface

I have pthread.h's all over the place... can someone point me at one that works with ubuntu and has just the right number of variable definitions
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> I have pthread.h's all over the place

Use /usr/include/pthread.h from the libc6-dev package

> The programming interface
¿do you mean IDE (integrated development environment)?
¿how do you expand AVI?
My mistake. Sorry. I'll look into the libc6-dev package
I have lib6-dev as my library already
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