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I am currently a college student and at my college I took three semesters of C++ Programming and had used Starting Out with C++: Early Objects (7th Edition) by Tony Gaddis and Data Structures and Other Objects Using C++ (4th Edition) by Michael Main, and it seem that my school stop there with C++, however I am interested to go more in depth with C++ and wondering if there are any books that teach C++ beyond the basic taught in those two books.
I recommend starting Meyers' Effective C++. After that, read Sutter's Exceptional C++. Both books are good.

While we're on the topic of books and you're a student, I highly recommend reading Code Complete as well. This book will teach you more about software development in general (rather than just pure C++), but there are many valuable ideas you will no doubt find useful in your career in the future. Good luck.
Thank you Vince, I will check those books out.
I can also recommend "Professional C++", which offers a great introduction to the new C++11 functionalities.

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Thank you NwN.
You can go with c++ guide by Bjarne_Stroustrup
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