playing an audio file via C++

i have a audio file that i want to play via C+. please tell me how to do it.

Only thing i know of in pure c/c++ with just preinstalled libraries is the PlaySound function in <windows.h>.


If you want an alternative method, check out OpenAl, its a specially designed sound library made in C. I have little knowledge of it other than it exists as a crossplatform sound library.
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For sound one very common cross platform and easy to use is BASS library:

It can play almost all audio format and is free for non-comercial use:
BASS is free for non-commercial use. If you are a non-commercial entity (eg. an individual) and you are not making any money from your product (through sales, advertising, etc), then you can use BASS in it for free. Otherwise, one of the following licences will be required.
thanks modoran! i am gonna check out the bass library!
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