Very simple web interface for C++ class


I am currently writing an AI engine in C++ (first step is to make it somehow like a chatting bot), when I first started this project I wanted to make it as versatile as possible, so my first choice was C++ given that it will allow me to compile it in almost any platform only by making a dedicated UI.

However, I recently decided to make an interface in my website to allow some friends to try it out, but given my very little knowledge of web apps I'm struggling to find info about how to do this. What tool would you recommend me to make a web interface? I just need to be able to send and receive strings from the C++ class. I was looking for a way to create some intermediate layer between either PHP or Python and C++ but couldn't find anything clear.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.
I just need to be able to send and receive strings from the C++ class.
You can write a CGI app to interface between the two using Apache.
That actually sounds like what I've been looking for...

Cheers mate!
I was checking out the extensions but given that my knowledge of PHP and web technologies is so limited kinda held me back a bit. However I'm aware of the big advantages that using PHP brings.

Thanks for the link my friend, I'll check it out and try to put a hello world on the air.
Check out the PHP function exec():

You use it like this:

exec("./program.exe", $output);

Output of your (C++) program 'program.exe' will be stored in $output.
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