Memorising periodic table

Going to start a project in which I try to make a 'memorising periodic table' game. Ideas so far:

-If it is a first time user, get their information, i.e. Name, age, mastery level
-Store the user's information in a file named, 'Firstname_Periodic'
-Again assuming first time user, get them to name as many elements as they can remember by first showing them a list of the element's symbol (if possible a periodic table with just the symbols labelled on it)
-From the way the user performs, give them a mastery_level:
--Newbie (1-10)
--Intermediate (11-20)
--Comfortable (21-30)
--Semi pro (31-50)
--Professional (51-80)
--Master (81-117)

As for memorising the table, some tests are as follows (ideas a welcome):
-Show one element symbol at a time from the ones the user has not memorised and give some facts about it.
-After showing some of these, say after 5 or 7, do a test and continue until the user chooses to quit.
-Save progress into a text file.

I don't know everything it will contain, but I thought I should just write down some ideas and if anyone has any ideas, post here please. I will try to continue working on it as the school term progresses.

-Need to find an effective method of storing the questions and tests
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If you truly want ideas, don't do it in C++.

It'll be 1000x easier to use something like Python as a webapp with a MySQL database backend for saving results/user details etc.
I kind of have to agree with Zaita here, what you are really wanting will take a bit of graphics if you want it to be any fun for the user. If it was all done in the C++ computer console it would be a bit confusing both in writing the program and for the user.

This can be done quite easily if you have a good understanding of C++ and have a graphics library up and running like SFML, but if you are just starting in C++ then I can't suggest it as practical yet.

It does sound like a good idea and a great study tool, but it's just not going to work unless you've got a firm grasp on both native C++ and whatever graphics library you can get a hold of. If you have both of those down then go for it, and good luck.

I suggest having sections to the game like level 1 is to name all the noble elements, level 2 all the metals, etc, level 5 or 6 would be to guess the number of valence electrons or molecular weight...

Ooh, how about a bit of code that would tell you if an element is likely to undergo a reaction if exposed to another element or a molecule?
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Ask which element belongs to x group and y period e.g. Period 3 and group 1 - Na

give hints like physical and chemical characters with valency

there are about 118 elements discovered so dont you think the game could be over soon.
@Zaita, any recommended reads for python? And how hard is it to learn python compared to c++?
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If you're going C++, i'd recommend the SDL library:

And it ain't very get into if you know a bit about classes and pointers. If you don't, the documentation on this site covers both of those topics:

You'd also might want to get your hands on SDL_image(if you want to deal with image formats other than BMP), and SDL_ttf(true type font), if you want to display characters onto the screen.
Last edited on :) Python is very easy to learn
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