Important Things to Remember?

Hello everyone! I'm fairly new to C++, but I have been working very hard and I am wondering what I should be doing now, and how I can continue to advance in my epic quest of knowledge. =)

Background information, and things I want to learn.

Things I have learned so far and am comfortable with:
-Loops (As well as break, continue, although I don't know what "switch" is or how it works.
-Nested Loops
-Most data types (Not experienced with enumeration)
-Basic single and multiple variable functions (As well as prototypes/forward reference.)
-Basic Math Functions

Things I want to learn:
-How to create a program that asks me to log in - with the username and password stored in a file so that the program checks the file to see if it is correct.
-How to write input to a file, so that each time the program is used, the string added is ADDED to the file, and does not replace previous data.
-How to do something like "If you get the password wrong 3 times, go back to main".
-How to store functions in a seperate source file and be able to call them from a different source file. (Would I still need int main() in each source file?)
-How to use headers and classes. (How to create my own, and use them; and what are they actually?)
-Ideas for some small projects to use what I have learned!

I greatly appreciate any and all input! I am very open to suggestions on what I should be learning, and should be clear that the above items I am hoping to learn can easily be pushed aside in order to focus on more important material.

I'm having alot of fun with C++ but am a little frustrated with my limitations. (Although I realize it's a relatively slow process, but I do know I'm making good progress.) This is my first REAL go around with C++. I do have a *little* bit of experience with Python, and used HTML when I was a young kid - so I catch on quickly and understand the basics of the concept of programming - but just need to continue learning.


Thank you all for being a very welcoming, and bright group of people!

covers pretty much everything you need to know about files
Indeed it does! I've skimmed through a bunch of the tutorial, but I feel like the path I advance on should be more narrow. (Metaphorically speaking) Are there any ideas you have for a project to work on? Or perhaps your own personal suggestion to the way I should advance, disregarding the order in which the tutorial is written?

how about just doing the tasks you listed under "things i want to learn"?
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