What IDE is depicted in this photo?


it's a large photo. I grabbed it from wikipedia from the "Extreme Programming" article.

Edit: I realize it's showing javascript and whatnot, but it looks sexy. curious if it supports C++ to try it out.
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I'm not sure, but I do see that it's running on an Apple computer.
Yeah. I caught that, too.
If you zoom into the picture the upper left corner shows the name of the program.
Called sublime

It's actually on the pic if you zoom in

E: I'm actually gonna get this, it does look smexzy
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downloaded it, I quite like it. rather, I'm very fond of the three main features: opening files with a quick-open search box instead of having to browse a large file tree, being able to edit multiple lines at once, and the zoomed-out source view for navigating.

So, I've decided to make plugins for CodeLite to do this. the first feature mentioned I've already completed today. granted it does a whole lot more in Sublime, quick loading a file of which you know the name is imo the best part of it anyway.

next up, "zoom navigator"
Everything you've described as far as functionality is available within most IDEs. Probably not so much in the lowerend ones like Dev-C++ (I'd never encourage someone to use this)
name one? neither CodeLite nor CodeBlocks have any of these features. In fact, I've never seen these features before. Are you sure you're talking about the same thing as I am? features illustrated here: http://www.sublimetext.com/
Within eclipse and visual studio you can easily open files that are part of the solution/project (project file space) using hotkeys.

Regarding the multiple line editing, that is just refactoring. Many IDEs support refactoring of variables/objects and code snippets.

The zoomed out code navigation is implemented, but not in the same way. Many of the solution or project views allows you to view a classes members, double click to go directly to that code.
whats wrong with devc++?

I just got my colours set up :o
DevC++ is an IDE that is based on an old code base. It's really good if you're going to work on a small project on your own machine.

Larger projects will definitely benefit from the extra functionality provided by the more heavyweight IDEs (e.g Visual Studio, Eclipse CDT).
Ah so then its really perfect for me at this point then :D

So Im guessing that means there arent any other free IDEs that can compare? I mean, legitimately free that is.

I mean, Id rather use the best even if my projects are small for now
Most IDEs are free including Visual Studio Express.
Except you have to buy the full edition and a license to distriobute your software. Don't use VS for software you're going to sell unless you've researched the issue or are already operating a business.

DevC++ is unmaintained ancient garbage. Don't use it. Although I heard Orwell DevC++ is a maintained version of it ( http://orwelldevcpp.blogspot.com/ )

CodeBlocks and CodeLite are also decent FOSS C++ IDEs.
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Sublime text is awesome you guys, I use it instead of notepad all the time. Also, Orwell is very cool too!

Sublime text has very cool features like sort lines alphabetically. You can save files as type .txt to .cpp! Its basically a cool text-editor for tons of languages.

Orwell has nice features like auto-completion on () and "" and []. Also, it has nice styles like GSS hacker and Oblivion.
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it is very nice.. but I feel stupid coding in something where I cant just just compile and run. Seems tedious.

Maybe when I get into larger scale stuff itll be different and Ill find it more useful, right now its just eye candy with some convenience thrown in ;o
If you're going to use sublime or another glorified text editor then I'd suggest using a stand-alone build system as well (e.g CMake).
Sublime is nice, but I just can't get over it's inability to print.
I do like CMake, and I can easily get over the fact that sublime cant print (who needs hard copy? pfft). What I *cannot* get over is the lack of a debugger.

I took that "zoomed view of code pane" in sublime and created a plugin for CodeLite, and I have finished it. I posted it on CodeLite's forums, and it has been added to their subversion repository. I can only presume it will be included in CodeLite 5.0 release.

naraku9333 wrote:
Sublime is nice, but I just can't get over it's inability to print.

What! It can't print. I got to check this out...

EDIT: Oh yeah...
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