I need help with these problems

1. Design and implement a class my-prime using C++. The my-prime class stores the 40 first seven prime numbers via .2,31 5,7,11, 13, 17 n an array. The class determines whether an input value (it should be between 1 and 400) is a prime value or not. The input value is stored in the class variable n by a function. The class also has a function that determines if n is prime or not. This information is output by an output function.You need to design the class and implement all the functions along with an appropriate main( ) function.

2. Design and implement a class called "My-sort-array". The class contains an array of sorted integer data. The constructor of the class an take 3 input values and put them in sorted order in the array. Also write one more function that adds a new value in the sorted array (obviously in sorted order).

3. Design and implement a class "MyDate" using C++ that stores day, month and year as variable. The class has a constructor that initializes date to'01-01-2001. The class has a function that allows change in the date, but only after proper checking about the validity of date. _You may assume that this date class cin have date ii the range
01-01-2001to 01-01-2020.T he class also has an overloaded minus (-) function that finds the difference in the years of the two dates and a function to display the date.
What "help" do you need? Show us some code, and tell us whats wrong and we can help. Also, please note that beginner postings should be in the beginner section, and please use code tags when posting code.
I hope you know cplusplus.com is not a place where people do code for you.
If you need help with syntax or wish to discuss C++, this is the place.
However, asking us to do it for you is not.
If that isn't what you're doing I recommend learning syntax for C++ properly.
If you know C++ well enough, this seems like a basic task. On that hand, this site has a lot of c++ documentation, so in one way or another, you technically are in the wrong part of the right place.
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