devc++ just crashed on me..

now im a noob so I guess no huge loss.. but I finally figured out a bunch of the wincon api functions and was working on one of those screen saver type things where an image (in this case a character) bounces around the console bouncing off the images..

im typing away, making notes, working on my cases.. when I lose my cursor and now its sitting there hanging and Ive likely lost all my work since to my knowledge it doesnt autosave, only when you compile.. which I was nowhere near ready to.

This area of the forum is for General C++ Programming, and it seems you are complaining at DevC++ for crashing on you...
Not the place.
Try using another program if it's that annoying.
Most people use IDE's like Visual Studio.
If that's not your thing Notepad ++ is probably the best avenue to go down, mainly because of it's flexibility and multiple languages.
Save often! By the way, Dev-C++ is a pretty old IDE at this point, and no longer maintained. you may want to look into newer alternatives -- Code::Blocks, or the Express version of Visual Studio are both free.

(Still, for a program to be compiled and tested, the code you wrote until the compilation should likely have been saved first by the IDE)

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Sorry perhaps I should have posted in the Lounge.

I have n++ and just tried out subblime text, but I prefer to be able to compile in the same program.

I guess Ill be looking into newer alternatives now for sure.. I had heard ill of it but it was working for me until this moment. heh.

And yeah, if it was compiled and tested it would have been saved, but it crashed while I was simply writing code :/
Tools | Editor Options | Autosave at least in which came out in Dec 2012. Pretty darn old, never updated.... Don't believe everything people tell you.
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Well, it appears you are talking about Orwell Dev-C++, which is maintained. I wasn't aware of this, and had remained with the notion relating to the last Bloodshed Software release -- which is fairly old.
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