Before I start learning..

Hey everyone,

I'm planning on picking up C++ fairly soon, there's a few things I'd like to know first though. I hope you guys will be able to answer the questions I have.

How "doable" is it to learn C++ through pure home-studying with no coding knowledge except for HTML, CSS and novice PHP (due to working with CMS)?

There's obviously a difference between knowing coding syntax and actually knowing how to code certain things. Do you guys know of any easy projects I could start off with after I have learned the syntax?

And finally, Do you guys have any sites (besides and/or books I could use to start learning C++?

Any advice would be highly appreciated, In turn hopefully I'll be able to become a worthy addition to the forum in a while.
1) It is very doable. Many on this site have done it.
3) This site is quite good.
i'm a newbie myself, but i learnt (and i'm still learning) C++ from this site. its pretty smooth. ofcourse practice and experience goes a long way in any field.
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Even as more or less professional (12+ years exp in C++) I use this site for reference.
The reference section is BRILLANT and the forum a fantastic starting point for beginners.
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i did exactly what ur doing viridi except i learned c instead of php. let me tell you, it would have been very much easier to learn c++ coming from php instead of html -> c, in my opinion. so ur off to a good start.
Thanks a lot, guys. Your advice is very much appreciated.

I've already started studying, and what I've been through has all been very clear and understandable (it's way more like PHP than I expected)

I'm not very confident yet in actually starting a medium-sized project, but I won't get ahead of myself.

Once again, thanks a lot!
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