visual studio 2010 GUI help ASAP

hey everybody,

I need to include a project in another within one solution.

I am working on a project in visual studio 2010 which is called face_detection and its main source file is face_detection.cpp. Inside it there are two main variables: map_location and studet_location. The value of each variable changes constantly. I have created another project in its solution, a GUI whose source file is called "blaaa.cpp", and the GUI is FORM1. My goal is to include the variables of map_location and studet_location which exist in face_detection.cpp in the GUI (called FORM1) so I will be able to use their values in two labels.

Please help me ASAP. Thanks!!!:)
If you want to reference the same variables from two separately compiled modules, you must declare the variables as extern in the other module(s).

For example if in face_detection.cpp, you have:
  int map_location;  // I have no clue what your type really looks like 

Then in blaaa.cpp,
  extern int map_location;  // Tells compiler this exists in another module  

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