Payroll Management

Please Help Me to Create an a simple Payroll Management Application using the concept of Binary Tree. The program will allow you to add,
sort, view, search record. The application have also the capability to save and retrieve data in a file.

It's Really Hard!....:(
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No one will do your work for you, difficulty is a perspective of the moment. The best we can do is point you into a direction that you can achieve your goal. A binary tree has nodes. It has a first node called the root, All subsequent nodes are called branches. Each branch may or may not have a leaf. An empty branch, without a leaf node, is called a stem. With each level in the tree you have the potential to double the number of nodes in your tree. NOw going to your problem. sorting is a problem separate from the concept of the tree. However the other four are implementable methods. If you are required to implement a tree, then do so, if not, then use the stl. You just have to know how to use templates. You would have to code your own struct or class by hand that your template class will use. As for the file part, use the fstream class in the standard library.

You are also not being specific enough, so that is the best advice I can give you. No one can help you if you have nothing, "no code", to post.
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