Proyect with errors

Hello. I found a code written in C + + that is used to connect to the router using the WPS protocol, but when trying to compile it with Visual Studio 2010 out some errors I do not know to solve.

Can someone look to correct the errors please?

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Would you mind posting the errors here, please.
There are many errors, but all are caused because you can not open one of the files. The strange thing is that the file if it is in the folder with all the other files.

I get 109 errors..

Error 1 error C1083: Can not open include file: 'openssl/ssl.h': No such file or directory c:\users\emilio\desktop\deviceprotectionsample\ilibasyncsocket.h 38 1 UPnPDeviceProtection

10 IntelliSense: can not open the source file (error code "openssl/e_os2.h"). c: \ users\emilo\desktop\deviceprotectionsample\ssl.h 173 1 UPnPDeviceProtection

21 IntelliSense: can not open the source file (error code "openssl / symhacks.h"). c:\users\emil\desktop\deviceprotectionsample\ssl.h 194 1 UPnPDeviceProtection

46 IntelliSense: identifier 'CRYPTO_EX_DATA "is undefined c:\users\emil\desktop\deviceprotectionsample\ssl.h 471 2 UPnPDeviceProtection

Well Emilio, are those files in the directory specified? If so, is that folder protected in any way?
Yes, the files are in the specified folder and has no protection .. It is very strange what is happening ..
Have you added the directory containing the 'openssl' directory to the compilers search path for include files?
Of course. In this screenshot you can see this folder in the directory.
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