Why do i get ignored on here?

Is it just me or does no one help.. :/ confused as this is a big c++ forum?
I think you just answered the question yourself there m8 ;)

"This is a big c++ forum?".

Yes it indeed is. Therefor there are many questions to answer and if your title doesn't look interesting to solve, don't expect an answer.

Try to avoid making your title complicated and I will promise you there will be a decreasing amount of people ignoring you.

It's not personal tho, it's all about the question you ask ;)
Hmm that does sound about right lol, ill be sure to change my titles-if i can. Thanks for the reply !
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Are you asking your questions correctly? Posters that follow these guidelines are much more likely to have someone work with them to solve their problems.

1) Use codetags whenever you post any code to the forums. If you don't know what they are find out.

2) Relate what you are having problems with specifically. Don't just post "I need help with this" and a wall of code. Tell us exactly what you don't get or exactly what you problem is with very detailed information and code to back it up.

3) If you have error codes post what they are which line they are on and what you have tried to do to correct them. Not just "I have errors help".

4) Be polite. Most people don't have to help you out if they didn't want to, so don't throw their answers back in their face or anything and always be thankful they took time out of their day to help. Also be patient sometimes it takes awhile for someone to log on that knows about your problem and can answer it. If you keep posting it over and over you reduce you chances to be answered.

5) One of the most important. Be willing to learn and do research for yourself. We will help you get through a problem but we won't do it for you. We might give you links to things that might help or snippets of code. It is up to you to go through that and find what you need, not us to tell you exactly what to do.

I am not saying you aren't doing any of these but if you follow these you should have no problem getting a answer.
Plenty of people help each other out on here.

I just checked your recent history, and apart from some questions you've asked in the last half-hour (which is not NEARLY long enough to get a significant number of people reading your post), I saw one question asked by you - and, surprise surprise, somebody had replied to it giving you some help.

So what's the problem?
Mikey your incorrect, I made a post, not sure how long ago with code, errors and now ive just edited the title, no one has commented on it? Im just saying that with all the activity going on, like people are commenting on peoples posts less than 10 mins most of the time, i seem to be overlooked, like a few month i came here and no one still has posted any help on that post..
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Then maybe you aren't asking the question correctly ;p The key is to give us as much information as you can. Tell us exactly what is going wrong, exactly what you want the program to do, exactly what it is doing, exactly what you have tried, ect, ect.

You have to realize we are here to help each other learn. Not to give others answers. The more information we have the better we can help push you in the right direction to finding the answer for yourself that way you learn what went wrong and why and can fix it in the future if it happens again instead of asking the same question again.
Mikey your incorrect, I made a post, not sure how long ago with code, errors and now ive just edited the title, no one has commented on it?

Which post would that be?

Look, it's just the luck of the draw. No-one here owes you an answer to anything. We're all here on our own time, giving answers for free as and when we feel like it. There's any number of reasons why someone might answer one post and not another, but the most likely one is that you posted at the wrong time. 10 min is an exceptionally quick time to get an answer here, so if you see something happen that quickly, it was just luck that someone who knew how to solve the problem happened to read the post right after someone posted it.

People tend to start reading at the top of the page, and so are likely to read the newest post first, so that probably makes it likely that the newest post will be answered, if someone happens to read it and know the answer at the time.
a few month i came here and no one still has posted any help on that post

Once a post drops off the first page, you're unlikely anyone will even read it. A post from several months ago has zero chance of getting an answer.
My apologies, when posting on here i was stressed out lol and im sorry i spilled it out on this forum, i feel like a twat lol

Thanks for the replies on any of my posts and btw i have nothing against this forum.

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