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Why does cin get skipped?
I have this short snippet: int main() { cout << "User Input... "; int userChoice = ...
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Graphics Menu in C++
I am working on a project and I want to make a Graphics Menu. Issue which I am facing is that afte...
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Learn how to use vectors
Hi! I was searching a nice tutorial to learn all about vectors. Does someone recommend a specific s...
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Why does an integer prompt accept strings?
I have this code... int userChoice; cin >> userChoice; if (userChoice == 0) cout << 0; if...
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by GisiNA
How to see the content of a specific memory having only the address
Hello all! First of all... Sorry for my English. :-) Now to my problem. I am trying to see if it ...
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Get the last digit of a number
How can I get the last digit of an int?
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WoW, I didn't know what emplace(_back) function is faster than push(_back)..
I was just testing emplace_back or push_back(vector) or emplace or push (stack) and I got new info(j...
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Breadth-first traversal for top down tree
template<class BaseData> inline void TDTree<BaseData>::breadthFirstTraversal(void(*processnode)(Bas...
[3 replies] Last: > 't' has a first child 'h' and its siblings 'r' and 'e'. ¿how do you... (by ne555)
A shopping bill
I have a school project to make, I've been asigned with 2 other people who has no idea what programm...
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Extraction of data from .txt file
Hi Guys i have a file name ABC.txt and it includes the following data: login as: rokob Using ...
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0's of a factorial
I want to make a program which takes a number n and then outputs how many 0's the factorial has on t...
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by Odglog
Per Object Function
Hello! This is a quick one, is there any way to make a class with a member function that gets define...
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Drawing a chess table
Hi. I want to make a program which draws a chess table. This table should not contain white and blac...
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Can there be more than one n0 of a function in Asymptotic Notations?
Considering the case of Big-O here (as an example), you would know that, f(n) is O(g(n)), if fo...
[3 replies] Last: Once you identify a value n0 for which f(n) <= c g(n), EVERY INPUT SIZ... (by doug4)
array type to Array class type
How could we convert a primitive array type to Array class type as in Array lib. so it's size can be...
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binary calculator using vectorbool in c++
I´m trying to write a program in C++ in which I could std::cin a binary number of the type std::vec...
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How do I find 10 most popular names from HUGE string array, it has like 850 names???this is a school project
void insertInMap(map<string, int>& m, string s){ if(m.find(s) == m.end()){ m = 1; ...
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What is this way that something weird return?
I was solving Leetcode, and I saw someone's code. and I saw an interesting code that when a function...
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Working with debug and optimized builds in one project
I've gotten my project to a point where it segfaults, so I'd like to use the debugger to find out ho...
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How do I turn word into a list of letters
If I am given a string say "helloworld" , how do I convert it into a list say l which is ["h","e","l...
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