random item picker program

I need a prgrame for a small group of game play testers that can randomly pick items from several list with percent values added to a master list. there is a program i have seen on the web that is close to what i want but lacking some of the functions i needed call random item picker. i need the program to pick from a variety of items from several lists calculate based on percentages added to a master list. must be able to save lists and also be a windows exe program.
if you need more details let me know, also check out the program i mentioned above to get some idea of what i need.



contact me at steinergnomes@yahoo.com
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Can you please clarify your spelling and grammar? I seriously can't understand you.

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Hi, could you give more details on what the lits are, from where do you load the lists?I think i could make your program in either c++ or some other language(VB would probably be faster). Send me a pm with a more detailed explanation of what you want to have.
calculate based on percentages, meaning?
1. x% is from A list y% is from B list?
2. the probability of picking from List A and List B?
You want it in word or excel or what?
What type of input you have, txt, excel, array or what?
What kind of "random" do you want, mix them together before picking them, or just randomly pick some from each of the list?
Also most program can be run as exe
if I follow correctly...

you want to create a new list of items built of randomly selected items from other lists? but you want to specify what percent of the items come from each list? Such that for example 50% of your new list is from list A, 30% from list B, and 20% from list C.

Something like this would be pretty simple to write. But you should explain what you want exactly and people would be happy to help. Post it on the programming forum.
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