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World Wide Survival Looking for developers

im looking for 20 people to help with world wide survival the video game
im useing codeblocks/eclipse C++ for development please download both
directX SDK and wXwidgets required
subscriptions for visual studios are welcome
right now nothing has been complited because of no developers
Do you have any graphics? Any idea of how you want things to look like?
Would you mind giving more details concept wise?
Open Source? Experience required? Payment (Yes/No)? Platforms? Developer Specialties Wanted/Needed? Your own coding experience.
You will not get many people if you do not give this information and maybe even more.

As Script Coder said, these data are a key for this "project" to be successful and also as this is going to be large in terms of size of development team I would expect to see fully planned game.

This should include concept art? plot? locations? features? and way more

There are many of these "type" of projects which are constantly advertised here, but most of them if not a lot of them hardly ever materialize into anything, expect from the developers knowing few users who took part.

I am not suggesting that this a fake but I advice showing validity of the project.
He's in the same boat as the EliteGamesIndustries guy. I'm sure they're just kids.

Even if you are, show some graphics or something. You didn't even tell us the things mentioned above.
Even conceptual drawings wouldn't be too much to ask for...
I would like to cooperate. I have worked with another programming language, DarkBasic Pro, designed specifically for game development. Would like to cooperate and/or help each other improve our programming skills. I am familiar with both CodeBlocks and Eclipse(Java)
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