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I am new to cplusplus.com and am looking for any relevant work experience using C++ to add to my portfolio. I have written several console applications for games (go fish, yahtzee, minesweeper, etc.) and am looking for more advanced side projects. I am a sophomore majoring in computer engineering and have three semesters' worth of C++ experience under my belt. While I would not consider myself an advanced programmer, I would definitely label myself as an intermediate programmer. I learn quickly and am willing to work in large groups.
I am also looking for experience, but will a forum be helpful in that matter.
Based on reports from my friends, yes it will. How much experience do you have with C++?
I only know cmd programming. i created a calculator program a few weeks ago. As far as Windows programming goes I can build off of a Windows app template from Microsoft. I am currently learning more about C++, C#, and Java. Also ASP.Net. I am proficient in HTML and CSS. Oh yeah I am also learning JavaScript. I need to brush up on my JavaScript.

Can you learn experience just by building your own programs?
i have been working on 2d programming for a few months now. how far have you gone with 2d.

and also are you looking to program games or software?
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games are software. you mean games or utilities. there are probably some other categories but utilities is vague enough for your question
yes thank you for the clarification
I am really looking to get into a simple game design. Would anyone else be interested?
Look into SDL or SFML to get started. Once you feel good with either (both would be great), you should be able to join a real team, or maybe go solo for longer to learn OpenGL or DirectX, and add that to your portfolio.
I am in the process of teaching myself OpenGL but I am having a difficult time finding helpful tutorials. Do you know of any useful ones on youtube or other good web sites?
Before you actually start OpenGL, you should start with SDL or SFML like I mentioned above.
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