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Looking to pay a c++ tutor on Skype

Hello I am looking to pay someone on Skype to tutor me beginning c++. I have some knowledge of early c++ concept but I'd like to go through it with a tutor, do assignments to better learn everything.

Please provide me your Skype.
Hello, I have sent you a PM. You can check your mail.
Just as an FYI to the OP, Mantor22's profile says:
I am an experienced programmer who have deep experience in C++.

If inspecting posts made by him/her in the forums, it becomes clear that the experience this person has is rather shallow.
Profile is just a thing. It is not that all important when you just look at it. But look at this.
I am an experienced programmer who have deep experience in C++. I benefited from developing many big projects non-stop, gaining a significant amount of valuable experience in the process.

I did develop a number of projects so that I greatly improved my practice experience.

If you really doubt if I have practical C++ skills, you can send me message to my email and give me some test or a trial to verify it. I do have a showcase of my projects and if you want I will give you instead.

My email address : nanamikohana@gmail.com
In order to believe the latter, I would have to believe the former. You're a troll who wishes to pass off his very shallow knowledge of C++ as something deeper in order to fleece even more inexperienced programmers.

I have no desire to converse with you privately. Nice job getting your email address out there again. Maybe you'll get some bites before you get banned again.
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A programmer should have multiple ways of solving a specific problem.

I am not saying blah blah, you can at least look at some of the work I created and see what my style of coding is. If you just explicitly say it without any real evidence you are attacking me it seems.

I have my own pride and put my heart in my C++ skills so please don't be too harsh to me. Thank you.

PM sent.

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