Summer Learning

Hey all,

If anyone knows anyone who is interested in learning C++ or C# over the summer, Concord Spark Tutoring is accepting students.

Rates are either $20.00/hour or you can opt for a 'Whole Course' Delivery for $250.00 or less.

Email: for more details or go to:

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You're not strange, you may be different to the majority, but I like to think your intellectual habit is plausible and logical, we aren't queer. @Ruth Beck. Nobody is bad for doing what they do (morally). If people watch movies because it makes them happy, let them.

I think we both have seen the value of our freetime. We see the futility in these games, movies, tv shows. Utter time waste in my opinion. Keep learning, it's nice to see another person so dedicated to education like myself. If you wish to take your self teaching to a multilingual level. Please let me suggest the Michel Thomas method. They're extremely useful, now I can effortlessly speak quite some Japanese. They're pricey however, fortunately extremely affordable from borrowing at my library (£1.10 p month!!)

Our freetime has lots of potential, stop bragging, start learning!
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It's a (rather pathetic) ad for a service that help's you cheat on essays, man.
It's not an actual human.
It's a marketer.
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(rather pathetic)
Agreed, it is completely unnecessary. We are in the age of self education. But I ask, how did you learn to do the Heimlich manoeuvre, @dutch ?
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