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I finally gave into programming and decided to switch my career from Networking to programming. Anyways I know that am a quick learner and I was kind of preping for this career. Anyways I have read (OOP with C++ Robert Lafore) twice and I think I need to start like working on a real project. Am willing to work for free on real projects so I can get experience. Thank you very much...(/* Now anyone? */)
I know this is not a job offer, but rather a suggestion, open source projects and make your own. I know it is not exactly what you are looking for, but just give it a shot.
Thank you Script Coder
If you meant "real project" as in "commerical project" you are unlikely to find a company that'd let novice programmers touch their code, paid or not. As Script suggested, try looking into Open Source projects, look at the issue trackers and milestones and attempt to implement those yourself.
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Hey Trust me if you if you want experience i suggest you make an group or an team of c++ and start making quite challenging projects so when it comes to interview stages you can talk about the projects you made also release it on to internet so when they ask proof or something show that that way it has professionalism and good hard work put in so that way they know what capabilities there are in you also i suggest you talk to you're friends about it if they want to join you make you're team look quite professional so good luck!

I don't have friends who are interested . Do you have a team I can join ?. And how do you get access to these open projects ? I have tried SF with limited luck

Thank you Cyberwarfare
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Yes ! i am making if you want be my guest first person we just make projects also by the way i am not very advanced programmer i am more of an intermediate
@Cyber cool I am interested, just PM me. Also, what would we make?
@cyber I'm in too. Got some decent code I've been working on, applies to just about everything. PM me too.
I think we should create a skype group first and start talkin!!!
fanyuru is my skype-id
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Gentlemen, I am deeply interested in this project. I've got some experience in scripting, so my formatting is adequate, however my C++ skills are quite juvenile. I'm quite interested in this project.
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Please PM me as i cannot PM as you do not have it unlocked
Guys I have an idea to share as well can you please skype me so we can discuss the idea in a group? my skype id is "fanyuru"
We could do something like this and say use the UN for children or something like that
Or say an application for ubuntu that sales games but also has online network games for subscription and some are free to play
These are all good ideas in my opinion. Does anyone yet have any idea what exactly we'd like to do here? For example - homework, what subjects do we want to cover? Unfortunately my kids are not yet in the homework age, so I'm not sure what the needs to assist kids with their homework.
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What do you mean sorry it does not make much sense sorry if it sounds rude.
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Cyberwarfare - Someone earlier asked that we build software that kids can use for their software. Seems to have been edited away now.
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okay so anyway do you want to join us also we are working an game we are going to first dedicate it to UN or something. But in coding most the time there is no easy way in but we can build an software basic one not an kids IDE or something as that would be very very big so we should make an software to help by giving code snippets or something yet it still would not be that good as most programmers just join an forum of some kind but if you're idea is different please tell what you're idea is
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