Who wants to work with me ?

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Hi guys,

I am no professional dev but i am good i mean quite good i can make a IRC bot and Game bots and stuff but anyway let me get to the point:

Do any of you have TFS 2012 if so can i work with you but i do not have a Server so can i will work using yours , and you are the boss, you can give me a task and i will try do it. Thanks

I hope you guys accept me i can work with anyone besides i do not charge.
FREE - £0.00 so please allow me.
I creating a new 3D game, I know basic C++ but I am learning quickly. I am very skilled with 3DS Max and HTML. I am looking for people to join my team. What can you do in terms of game design? (programmer, artist, etc.)
lol, late post.


Hello ,

I have strong programming skills in C++ (MFC --GDI , DirectWrite,Direct2d, Socket programming)

Please can I do something for you? ... I am very much interested in gaming programming . I don't have any idea about 3D programming.But I can learn provided My work is helpful to you
If you guys are interested in joining our gaming community, email me at Pack_seth49@yahoo.com or add me on skype: Spack1801. We are an indie developing team currently developing an online MMO that is coded 100% in C++. This will be a paid job if we complete our game. We are using the CryENGINE. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :)
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