On behalf of the OpenMW team, hello!

About our project

OpenMW is a new game engine for the role playing game Morrowind: The Elder Scrolls 3. It is open source, written in C++, and supports Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. If you know C++ and love The Elder Scrolls or want to learn about game design, then you should join our project.

Primary Goal:

To create a fully functioning engine for playing Morrowind and all of its official expansions and user generated content that is open source, endlessly modifiable, and designed to run more efficiently on modern hardware.

Join our project

We are seeking C++ programmers, Qt developers, bug testers and people to help reverse engineer Morrowind's formulas.

We are volunteers and that means instead of patching OpenMW for six months to a year after its release, like a commercial game developer, we plan on developing and improving the engine indefinitely. As a result, your contributions will appreciated for many years to come.

Why contibute to OpenMW?
You can focus on tasks that interest you.

We employ many open source tools and libraries including Ogre3d, bullet, MyGUI, OpenAl and OIS. You can gain useful experience with the tools. Additionally, if you have questions you can get advice on our forums as well as on these project's main site.

OpenMW has a healthy community of peers and fans to support you. People like myself publicize the project and recruit new developers, while others make high quality demonstration videos, write weekly news blogs, and answer questions from the public. Our non-programmers on the team are working hard to make OpenMW accessible and visible across the internet.

Our Youtube channel:

New developer page:

Our roadmap:

Our download page

Thanks for your time.


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