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I thought attending an interview was a formality they had to go through and that you automatically got in once you were offered an interview, that wasn't true at all!

First off was a multiple choice maths test that was way over my head, I just used the force and guessed most of them, I thought I was in for a nice chat (would have popped some ritalin too like im supposed to)

well it turns out that they were only interviewing the retards they weren't so sure about, guys like me that wanted to apply but had not so good grades but plenty of enthusiasm

and that I was 1 of 5 people who got in out of a further 40, cos so many retards applied they could only let the best retards in.

If there's anything I have learn't that I could pass on to people who want to get into uni but need to play down not so great grades I recommend proving that you are willing to teach yourself maths, I could see in the guys eyes that it was a 'your not one of the lucky five' until i showed him my maths workbook that I did all by myself.

I got an uncoditional offer to a not so good uni, but I took either Zereo's or Frameworks advice and took the foundation year as well, I can see now that this is wiser, cheers guys :)
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Well done :D. Good on you.
EDIT: Look forward to reading your experiences.
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I look fore ward to deeper conversations with you guys
As do I ;)
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Congrats man, wish you the best of luck with your studies.
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Which university?

Goldsmiths :)
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Not bad, it's not Oxford, Cambridge or St. Andrews, but it's reasonable enough. Well done, anyway.

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I know I will be taking the thread off topic (sorry devon), but do you guys think MIT is a good university for CS/CE?
MIT? CS/CE? Isn't MIT like the Holy Grail of colleges for Engineering, Electronics, and Computers? MIT is the programmers wet dream for college choices :P.
well posh was the wrong word, I meant like top UK computer science unis

wait it says exeter is better, exeter is full of oxbrifge drop out posh morons
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MIT? CS/CE? Isn't MIT like the Holy Grail of colleges for Engineering, Electronics, and Computers? MIT is the programmers wet dream for college choices :P.

Nice way of putting it :) I know it is really difficult to get in, but I really hope I do.
What is a oxbrifge or an exeter?
Exeter: http://www.exeter.ac.uk/

Oxbridge is a portmanteau of the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge.
I have story about students from that place, they are too stupid for oxford but their parents are rich enough to send them to the next best thing, its a lie they are all stupid.

I was sitting outside a pub in exeter, the firehouse(I recommend it, cheap a bottle of red wine is £5, the chefs make good food cheap too)

there were girls eating pizza on the table behind me, unfortunatley the benches interconnect between tables (benches=tables+1)

I was being introduced to a girlfriends friends for the first time, they were proper rough gypsy traveler types and I didn't want to come across too soppy,

when I heard this posh posh voice that litteraly said "excuse me can I sit there?"

the whole pub went quiet!

I was thinking "well where the hell am i gonna sit" then i realised i was dealing with something I hadn't come across before, I turned and saw a
be-blazer-ed eton old boy tie sporting lump wearing an unusual smirky smile and a floppy fringe,

I took a look at the company I was keeping, unwashed hoodies, homemade unwashed facial tattoos, chunks missing from ears dangly earings that only gypsy men can make look masculine, dreaded hair with moss growing in it

I felt pressure to say something, I felt kind of like this guy hadn't been to a pub with 'common folk' before and didnt know how to behave, I was worried he would say something else but he had noticed everyone was looking at him, not saying anything, and he actually went white!

if your not bought up where a whole sunday in the pub is normal you do learn how to settle in, but on the other hand someone might decide that a good hard slap will teach him faster, I needed to pull something out the bag.

Its not that bad a thing to say really, but it was his timing, and people are kind of stressed about class these days.

I felt like if I couldnt think of anything clever then I would lose respect for not hitting him or someone else would instead of me, people were also looking to see what I would do (thats kind of crap in hindsight, it was a while ago though)

I turned to the posh girls behind me eating Pizza and pulled up my shirt sleeve and said "I got a cock as thick as my arm"

dont ask me why.

Either ay one of the girls was so shocked that she laugh-choked and pizza cheese came out of her nose and dangled and everyone laughed, her friend laughed, in shock, it was a very loud and posh laugh.

the lesson is this, oxbridge drop outs are retards
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Devon, you're one of the coolest men I've never met.
you never met me but thank you, i hope your not being sarcastic though, i dont see sarcasm tags
one of the coolest men I've never met.
Cheraphy wrote:
one of the coolest men I've never met.
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@greenleaf I do not get your point in emphasizing "men"
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