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Im several people
Split personalities, nice. Though, does that mean you are a few guys, a kid, and a woman too? ;)
yeah its actually just me and you on this website XD
Lol. That was funny. Devon is literally 7 different men, you know that right?
Devon is literally 7 different men, you know that right?

say what?
He collected all seven dragonballs to wish he was 7 different people, to get revenge on 7 different people at the same time. Hence his name, "DevonRevenge".

Wow, I can't believe no one figured that out yet. #idiots
DevonRevenge does sound rhyme with SevenRevenge
Are there any colledges you'd move to America to get into Devon?
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Like someone mentioned above MIT in Massachusetts is among one of the best colleges in the world for technology. The other top schools with it are Cambridge, Oxford, and I've heard good things about California Institute of Technology. Though them are just my opinions on the best ones.

And there are others like Princeton, Berkeley, Stanford, Institute of Technology Zurich, ect.
well like zereo said theres the top top ones but check this: the problem with universities in the UK is that if they have a good reputation they don't need to be good at teaching you anything, they can just choose the best students that apply, the not so good ones have to build their reputation and put a lot more effort into teaching you.

theres something wrong with teaching methods and grading, a mate of mine who has studied physics for 3 years is doing 10 exams now, each several hours long and his whole grade depends on how hes done, hes obviously not going to do the last one as well as if he did it first.

The only thing that makes one of the top universities better than a normal one is its resources and the calibre of your fellow students, If I put a redneck of some no hope demographic in contact with the best minds in the world he will become an informed critical thinker over time, universities dont deserve their reputations at all, although half of the oxford students I have met have had absolutely brilliant minds.

If im rich I will build decent private schools in deprived areas with funding included, and use a more scientific approach to developing the students minds, it could probably fix that demographic up no problem.

there are areas in north wales and a place in devon called buckfastliegh and also the isle of wight that have had huge scandles involving child abuse at large orphaneges and schools, the near by areas have developed drug and social problems and they are creepy ass places, its amazing how a demographic is so easily manipulated into being something else.

I have always thought of a school as a mini north korea, there are better ways to teach peole than the methods we use.
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Is there good Unis in France or other parts of Europe?

The US seems like crap compared to how cool the European Unis sound.
they actually teach you stuff in america, european unis arent so good, you pay 9k for the privileged to teach yourself under their name
in America people are fat. Profs eat while they teach sometimes.
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thats not even true stoppit.

over here they charge 3k more but dont spend anymore or less time teaching you stuff, they just repeat stuff from a script before 100 odd people
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