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I have issues when posting
By instance (*) remains in the `Sending. Please wait...' state, and the preview never loads.
Tried with several web browsers (firefox, chromium, dwb) in Linux 3.8.7-1-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT x86_64 GNU/Linux

┬┐any ideas?
Note: this is from the faulty environment, so I suppose it should be related to the content

(*) that was posted with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (unsupported)
I also have this problem sometimes, only mine (eventually, i.e. after 5 minutes) posts. I think it is probably the delay between the server and our PC's.
@ne555 on that link the forum actually thinks I am logged out. I'm using Google Chrome.
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@LB same here: firefox
probably the `www' prefix issue.
Ah, that would explain it.

Aside from that, I have too encountered a long or even infinite delay for for Please wait... message. Sometimes it even fails to post at all.
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I never have this issue on anything I use to post. (work computer, home computer, phone, tablet, etc). So I don't think it has to do with this site or the browser your using. More or less, something else outside of your browser (netword settings, OS settings or Router settings) is causing a slow response and this site is letting you know about it.

*I went and tried that link and posted a test post. Everything worked as planned.
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The problem remains
failed to post that code in tags.

Then failed to post the code without tags.
Edit: however this one, as well as the output in that thread had no issue.
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