fubar'd my CPU yesterday

Yesterday I was doing maintenance on my gaming rig and decided it was time to replace the thermal compound on my CPU. When attempting to remove the heat sync, the CPU came with it. Despite the processor latch being down, and that caused what apparently was enough resistance to bend some of the pins. I couldn't get the processor back in the socket with those bent pins, so I tried bending them back with the back end of the remains of an incense stick. This worked to get it in the socket, but it was for not. The processor was fried.

Now, this processor was from a budget build I made whilst trying to save up for a fresh build in 2010. They don't make AM3 processor anymore and I want an intel anyways, and with haswell right around the corner it looks like I'll have to wait a month or two if I want to save a bunch on a replacement mobo and processor.

... but at least the rest of my hardware is fine. Right?

Anyways, I just wanted to share because I'm really super bummed about this.

edit: I think I might have actually posted about it here when my previous rig shorted out that caused me to build this budget build in the first place. It would have been my old account, though, Seraphimsan.
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I've been building and maintaining my own computers and the computers of others for many many years, and I have never ever needed to reapply thermal paste -- unless I was replacing the fan. Thermal paste is very much a set-and-forget thing, you shouldn't have to ever do it if you did it right the first time.
I didn't mention it above, but I didn't do it right when I got a new heatsync/fan combo a year ago. I knew it was causing heat issues, but I kept ignoring it. I decided now was the time
This happened to me too the first time I took out the fan on both the bulds I made in the years. Luckily the pins didn't bend (I have no idea how) and I could place the CPU back in with no problems.
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