Electrical Generator

Is an electrical generator an electric motor? I need this to make a wind turbine.

That's all. Thanks in advance.
a generator is the opposite of a motor. It produces electricity while a motor consumes it.

for a small wind turbine you may use the dynamo from a bicycle
An electric motor is an electric generator, and vice versa.
The only thing that changes is the direction of the flow of energy.
They're the same thing, but in reverse. A motor uses current to induce a varying magnetic field which makes the drive shaft turn (or something like that). A generator uses a turning drive shaft (in the case of a wind turbine, the wind turns the turbine; power plants usually use something to boil water and then the steam turns the turbine) to vary a magnetic field which induces current. The key concept is electromagnetic induction: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromagnetic_induction
Wind turbine? What for?
If it is for you own amusement, I suggest build an solar generator next. It isn't much harder, providing you have unneeded satellite dish on hand :)
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Wind turbine to power simple things.
JChMathae wrote:
The only thing that changes is the direction of the flow of energy.
Supply the motor current and it will spin. Spin the motor and it will supply current.
How big will my motor need to be to supply 180 or 300 watts?
Damn big. Seriously.
And some good wind.
Some info with pictures:
This is 200W turbine
. Note that it was designed and produced in a factory, sot it will be more efficient:
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Holy crap that's huge. I think I'll stick with making a small one to power some lights and stuff.
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