Anybody wanna personally teach me (not beginner) C++

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Just tell us your damned country. No one is going to knock on every door in france or something like that to find you and... do stuff to you.
@FredBill True, but that means you could go to the top ten names on the site where it is, and the you would only have to look for 10 people a far cry from the nearly 7.5 billion you have to now :)
@SpaceWorm PM me if you think we could do anything, just note my time is very limited (maybe 2h/week atm)
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Are you insulting me? What sources do you have to say I do not know the language myself? Just a glimpse of what I'm working on now:

That pic doesn't say much of anything, looks like any other generic 2d game anyone can really make in any language. Some of the portions look off, that person doesn't look like he can realistically fit through that door, though i guess if you are just using whatever art you can find it is understandable (or if you are making the art yourself koodos, much better than i could do).
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I'm sure someone has the same name as you in your country.

Well I made the art myself minus the character. (I only drew the hair)

I have more stuff I'm working on but I have to draw the art to put them in my game.
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the people who programmed Windows are not the best programmers

"Best' is an ambiguous word.

- Best at writing high performance code?

- Best at writing elegant and concise code?

- Best at making shed loads of money out of their code?

First and foremost, commercial software development is about making money.

I don't mean you should just throw any old rubbish together and flog it, but process and good practice are there to make software development more efficiency, so it costs less (time, effort, energy, and esp money) to develop an application. Not for their own sake, like they are in some parts of academia.

And while I'm certainly not saying that doing well in an informatics olympiad -- or whatever -- is bad (it's very good!), it isn't the whole story when it comes to being a good (or even one of the best) professional developer(s). There's also the business domain to understand, and internal politics to contend with, etc.

(Professional includes, of course, the unpaid professionals who work on serious open source projects.)

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If you understand my previous post correctly you will notice that I do not mean Making money.

But just to make my post clearer I will say for me "Best" is someone who can write a bug free code and still making the Software High Performance.

The post you made is good but the flaw is that best developer must be able to follow any given algorithm and program it while making sure it is bug free and High Performance Software, of course internal politics is important but not as important as the things mentioned above.

It is almost impossible to create a Bug free code without having some type of small bug present but I making it as close to is as bug free would be good enough.

@Script Coder

Your information is laying all around internet mate, clear it up
I can tell you are from\live in south Africa if I am right. I can even be able to tell more technical information but I do not want to put your privacy at risk so I will not post any thing more in public.

You know how unsecure your data is on internet. Trust me I can probably even tell you your IP address with one click. Trust me Clear it all up now! before some other hacker who is a Black hat finds it.
I am not giving any information away I promise

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And what do you mean xerzi the player looks as if he can't fit in the door?
@Fredbill I am sure millions of people have my name, but my surname is unique.
Script Coder wrote:
... but my surname is unique.
That's doubtful.
Well, script coder is telling the truth I think I know if I was able to track him till his personal information.
I'm sure no one wants to kidnap you. #rapeface
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LOL! I PMed Script Coder in order to help him remove these data from internet.
I'm sure no one wants to kidnap you

Hey, I take offense to that... lol just joking. True, but you never know right? Plus, what difference could it possibly make in your life fredbill?
Well... another possible victim... lol jk,
LOL! Agree with Script Coder.

Script Coder is nice and sensible person so I would not hack into him LOL. I already told him some of his info so I really do not mind.
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Also I live in USA Eastern time zone
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@Fredbill: Why is the door made of bricks?

@SpaceWorm Script Coder: Do you speak fluent German? and do you have a little brother?

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Wait! Was Framework targeting me for some type of arguement or what. If so I am ready LOL jokin
Script Coder: Do you speak fluent German? and do you have a little brother?

I do not understand your questions. They seem like they could just be statistically relevant. Almost a cold reading technique.
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This thread confuses me....
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