RPG Maker XP dimensions

Do any of you know off the top of your head how wide and tall a RTP styled RMXP sprite is? I tried to google it and I got no answers.

I mean like a single sprite from the spritesheet.
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Couldn't you look at a sprite sheet someone made for it and check?
Have you tried actually looking on the site that supports RPG Maker?

Well I am spriting a sprite for my game with the RTP template and I needed to know the dimensions to make an algorithm to read the sprite for the animation. I found out I could use simple math and figured it was 48 pixels tall and 32 pixels wide.
no it isn't 32 pixels wide that is bogus. my animation looks all messed up thanks to that.
Just play with it until it works.
The problem with loading was I was adding the height were the width should be in my algorithm to find the clips. The actual width is in fact, 32 pixels.
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