Scam Confirmation: Fraudulent Job offer (if you have an hour to burn...)

This is about a fraudulent Job offer that was sent to me via E-mail.

I would like to report an IC3 on it, but I wanted to get some confirmation before hand.

The email is this:

(in the from box, it says Mary Daniels, but the address is not real; i.e. <noreply...>)
Hello! Top job attach with letter. Reply letter. More information is available on request.
Hi! We havestudied your resume. We are interested.
I hope you will become a member of our team because you meet the initial qualifications and we look forward to working with you.
Important! Vacancy description, responsibilities, income level and the requirements to candidates are published on the website on the Jobs page.
Please review the website for more details.

Your next step is to complete the online application on the JOBS page of the website.
Should you have any questions after visiting our website or couldn't find the right answers on the site please respond to this email.
I will respond to you the answer personally or will add it to the FAQ section andnotify you about it.
The website address can be found in my signature. Best Regards, Mr. J. Smith

The website seems professional, but upon further research, nothing shows up for:

Best Assistan Assistants
Best Assistant
Mary Daniels
Hire Personal Assistant


Their website can only be found by literally typing in the name. Also, It says Mary Daniels in the from box, but the signature says Mr. J. Smith.

So, with no way from an average client to seek them out, no way to confirm their legitimacy, I set off looking up scams.


Not a single scam involving (apparently the web site and the e-mal address of the said 'manager'.

I read up on scams, and found many to be just like this one, which seem quite proffessional to someone who doesn't do the research. I also found that 'oyo' is associated with Nigeria, and I think he is a person (a king/prince or somthing). This seems VERY suspicious to me.

If you have to time, mabey you can do the research, and tell me what you find. It seems as though this may be a new scam, but seeing as I'm not experienced in this area...

I also don't want to file a false report. Thanks for your help.
Better to file a report that turns out to be wrong than not file it and it turns out to be true.
Are you sure? I don't want to get into it with the law. I read that they could fine you, or arrest you if you file false report(s)...

Seeing as I am not experienced, I don't want to file one in my naivety.
I'm not at all sure, but I would think that they'd understand that it seems suspicious even if it turns out to be above-board, and you could include in your complaint that you aren't sure whether it's a scam or not but strongly suspect that it is.

This seems relevant:
Q: Should I file a complaint if I received an email asking for my bank account information in order for money to be transferred from another country?

If you believe you are the victim of an Internet crime, or if you are aware of an attempted crime, you can file a complaint on our website. Be sure to include as much information as possible about yourself (i.e. name, email address, mailing address, etc.), the perpetrator, and the Internet crime you are reporting in order to expedite your complaint. Be sure to copy and paste the entire email, including the header information, in the complaint. For more information on this topic, please see Internet Crime Schemes.

It's not the same as calling an emergency number and saying your car's been stolen when it hasn't or something like that. As long as you're not making things up to waste their time, I don't see that you could get into trouble for it. What a broken system it would be if potential victims didn't report potential crimes for fear of being prosecuted themselves!
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I would report it just make sure you clearly state that you only have suspicions and aren't positive that it is a scam and that you just wanted to bring it to their attention just encase they are interested in investigating it.

Also when filing the report include as much information about the situation as possible. Think of it like a bug report, give them detailed specific information.
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If you find out a website is an illegal scam does that automatically give you the right to deface it?
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What do you mean by deface it? As in make allegations that can hurt the companies reputation? Or go in and do something malicious to their website?

If the first one yes you can make allegations against the company/website since they aren't false allegation so it wouldn't be considered slander.

If the second one, no you can't do because that would be breaking the law. Like if you saw someone shoplift from a stop does that give you the right to go up to that person and sock him in the face until he is knocked unconscious? No it doesn't and you will probably get charged for it. The same goes for if a website is a scam and you "break" into their website and do whatever to it.
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I really hate con artists and scammers, I also hate PR companies and news companies who side with politicians who invest in them
^Exactly. Unfortunately it happens a lot here in the USA.
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