Sharing Premium Account With Me

I would like to access the tutorial in DirectX Tutorial ( ) but most of what I want can only be viewed with premium account.
Does anyone have a premium account to this site that could be shared with me?

PM me if you are willing to share with me.
A detect a SpoonLicker.

Seriously dude it's not even funny. You posted something like this before and you must have no life to dedicate so much time trolling our forums.

Now, in that rare scenario that you are in fact not SpoonLicker, as I said before, I'm sure that's illegal.
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That isn't spoonlicker...
I swear someone asked this same thing and never replied.
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So that is a reason to attack him?
No but it's just a bit suspicious, that's all.
I am not a spoonlicker. I'm just asking out of desperation.. I'm sorry for making such request since you say it is illegal. But even if it is not something I'm suppose to do, please say it politely. Even I know when to stop when I'm asked not to.
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It is not illegal, but more then likely does break directxtutorials terms of use and can lead to suspension or removal of the account. You're probably not going to find anyone that wants to risk their account for someone they don't know. Please ignore Fredbill30 he's just acting his age.
Sorry for the accusation. Heh.

naraku I thought I found spoon though D;
The DirectX SDK comes with a nice set of tutorials itself to get going. It also has sample code demonstrating different features of the API. I think you would be better off using those or looking at this site:
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MSs docs in the SDK suck, mostly minimal ad hoc examples. Not useless, but not always how you would want to wrap Direct X.
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Hmm I've always found MSDN a very helpful place with a huge amount of useful information., but maybe that is just me.
Most of the times MSDN is ok, but some of there examples are not adequate (don't show the full potential of the method), especially when some of them have too many parameters.
Most of the times MSDN is ok, but some of there examples are not adequate (don't show the full potential of the method), especially when some of them have too many parameters.

I agree, I also feel the documentation, although very informative at times, is poorly layed out and lacks structure, though it can be very useful as a reference.

I don't see it as a crash course tutorial through the whole topic, just a useful site to look into different features.
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If you don't mind changing library you can use openGL.It is cross flatform and also has many good FREE tutorials.
I think that paying for such a tutorial is too much also directx would bind you to windows only.
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DirectX can be ported to Linux or Mac using Wine. Also DirectX also has a huge amount of good FREE tutorials available. Just because one person decided to charge something for what he wrote doesn't mean everyone else did ;p

Either way DirectX or OpenGL are fine though most professional devs tend to gravitate towards DirectX for various reasons.

In my honest opinion if you are just learning graphics programming don't dive right into one of the big two (DirectX, OpenGL) get familiar with the concept first with libraries like SFML or SDL. They can easily handle anything you would want to do as a beginner. Then you can move onto one of the big 2 after you get your grounding.
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