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Name my library and programming team project.

Ideally I want the a name To start with the letter 'g'. What are some cool names?
If I use your idea, I'll give you credit for the name. What do you all think about the team name, team Ghost, or Project Ghost?
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What is it? The name should be at least an obscure reference to what the project does.
It is a Game "Engine", a multiplatform software library that will support multithreading, custom data structures, 2d/3d Vector/Matrix math library, Graphics, and eventually GUI, Networking, Physics, and so on.

I was thinking that since it is so broad I'll call it:

Team G.....
or G.......Project.
OR Project G......

I know what i'll call it now :)...
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How's about:
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Might as well just call it Giblit while you are at it.
Ah, lol. I did not realise that we had a user here with that name :)
Sorry, no offense intended :)
EDIT: It came from my mixing of the words "Graphics" and "Pixel" plus a bit of dyslexia
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I wasn't offended lol I was just saying if we are naming it with a G we might as well name it after me =p
'Iron Octopus' ... no G but...

I love guacamole.
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Or just go here and have fun http://phrontistery.info/g.html
haha thanks everybody But I already chose a name.:

Its a hybrid mix of genius, glorious, and guru, In homage to one of my favorite childhood animes.

Should it be successful I'll credit Zereo for the name and provide you all with a link if/when its open source.
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