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what do you guys eat when its hot? my apatite changes in the summer, I get bored of types of food faster, need more ideas because i have been living off sandwiches.

Russian salad
thats amazing, salad needs mayonaise like a fish needs water
English and vegetarian.

So, lots of Quorn, really.
I just cooked the most simultaneously disgusting and delicious meal I've ever had; it's a frankfurter and a slice of cheese wrapped in a flattened hamburger then wrapped in bacon and coated in breadcrumbs and grated cheese. It's also possibly the least kosher meal I've ever eaten, since it's pork and beef with dairy.
Mantı is one of my bests. But I dont think you can cook it yourself sorry
And kebab is really good too:
You can gice a try to doner:
Kibbeh is really really good too but its hard to cook:
İnegöl meatballs are really good but i cant find a english source for that.
Ezogelin soup is good:
Yogurt soup is good too but can only find this for you:
and as a drink ayran is a really good choice:
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I forgot to add Lahmacun. Its like pizza but better than it i think:
And there are too many foods like them in Türkiye so you can search on the net.
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Oooh oohh food!

I love to cook!

I'm surprised no one has bashed American food yet. And yes, it exists, and it is good. American food is mostly in casseroles and stews and breads. Well, and meat.

I love mole -- it is a Mexican dish made with ground up spices (including, often, chocolate) and served on chicken or enchiladas or something. Mole rojo, mole negro, mole verde -- anything but that awful mole poblano. Don't get me wrong, I like Puebla and the people from there; they just don't know jack about good mole. Probably drink it down with that fake champorado drink.

Oh yeah, love horchata and jamica too.

Vegetable lazagna.
Home-made macaroni and cheese.

The best I ever had was about a year ago. My wife and I had all these random left-over cheeses we didn't know what to do with. So we used most of them in the casserole. You've got to overcook the noodles so they are soft. The finishing touch was small pieces of Philadelphia cream cheese stuck in at intervals...

Properly made baked beans -- no funny flavors, just onion, beans, bacon.

Properly made cole-slaw -- no mayonaise!

Properly made rice pudding -- no random additions like raisins and cinnamon, etc.

Man, I'm getting hungry.

Spinach and collared greens.

Fry breads.

Anything sweet.
Popcorn balls, from-scratch brownies, peanut-butter-chocolate-rice crispies yum yums,

Last I had was a lemon-meringue one at the very good Vincentown Diner about an hour and a half north of where I live.

Not-from concentrate orange juice, with pulp, every morning.

I'm hungry.

->what do you guys eat when its hot?

Drink ayran :D
Duoas, your home-made lasagne, slaw and greens would go awesome with my home-made sweet potato fries.
from the west to the north to the east to the south
every location got its own food as it got its unique weather, climate, mountainous, in the desert, or in the coast.

in my city Sana'a the capital (Mountnious, cool, dry climate) the main dish in lunch is the Fahsah or Helbah :

it is served on a stone plate, and before Yemen had diplomatic crisis tourist from all around the world used to love it
it consist of meat, helbah, and it is eaten with traditional bread

as for breakfast in Sana'a there is the Sabaya, which is local bread cooked in traditional ovens (ovens of sand, gas now a days)

it is served on a plate with local animal cooking oil that is called Samn , which is hard oil and is very different, and with honey

as for the west of Yemen,

naah just let me talk about my area, it's enough I'm already hungry
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I like to make spicy chips (fries). I cut up unpeeled potatoes and fry them in oil with bacon and put on a significant amount of paprika, chilli powder and black pepper. It's damn good. The bacon is key by the way, it really improves the flavour. I fry most things with bacon.
and how do I love to eat cold meat, rich, & any thing as a midnight snack when I wake up :-)
chris do you eat it with the bacon?
oops i forgot to add menemen. Its really really really good for breakfast.
You can try it:
My mouth is watering.

I like to eat traditional French bread with cheese...

And not that Kraft bull either. Actual block cheese.
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I usually eat the bacon before the chips are finished cooking. Sometimes I might break the bacon up and eat it.

Another thing I made that I really liked was a risotto with butter and bacon.
im glad we got wider international crowd, its good for food and music conversation
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