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I prefer crunchbang linux1 as my OS. Have it on my laptop and desktop and actually like it more than Ubuntu. Here is a shot of my adjusted Crunchbang desktop on my laptop:


Downside is that everything is done with keyboard shortcuts. For example, to bring up the editor you press (Windows Key + E), browser (Windows Key + W), File Manager (WK + F), to bring up log off options [shutdown/log off/restart/etc](WK + X).

Fredbill30 wrote:

First off, double post.

I know we make that mistake every once in a while, I'm just warning you.

You don't need to warn, you just politely point out that it is considered a bad forum practice to double post. Warning makes it sound like you are an admin or moderator getting onto them and ready to ban them for a minor thing.

1 http://crunchbang.org/
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Thanks all

You have been a great help.ill try out the operating systems....and tools..thanks....but I may change course to a programmer ..and keep hacking my second thing.....

Senior can u pm me link to download your tools..

thanks again
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