Movies about programming, hacking etc..

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Can you recommend me good movies about programming?
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I don't think there is any but u can watch thenewbostons videos on c++ search google
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Hmm you mean movies just to watch for fun? Most of the time in movies "hackers" and programmers are displayed as typing a few buttons and shutting down the whole governments network which is obviously not anywhere near reality. But here is some movies with hacking and programming in them.

Die Hard 4

War Games

Indie Game Movie (I actually liked this one. It is about 2 indie game development teams working to release their games).




The Matrix Trilogy

Them are just a few off the top of my head. Google will probably find you more.

EDIT: After a quick google search here you go
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No no i dont mean educational videos. I mean movies like War Games, maybe Matrix, maybe Tron
thanks for your help Zereo
Anything computer related in movies is just so so bad. I always love when movies or TV shows have something about networks and can't even get an IP address right -_-
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Wow, most of the movies on that IMDB have some of the most outlandish "hacking" in any movie. "Hackers" as number 1?! Seriously?!

At least in The Matrix, Trinity actually used an actual SSH exploit to hack into a terminal.

I think the most accurate movie with hacking in it was The Social Network. You see Zuckerberg in his dorm hacking away on a netbook running the KDE desktop and running actual Linux commands.
"I'll make a GUI in Visual Basic to track the killer's IP."

"I'll make a GUI in Visual Basic to track the killer's IP."

I cant find the social network in my language to download. ): I want it to watch on tv
Yeah CSI:NY was funny, but I thought it was funnier when they had SecondLife on the show and seeing how many SL users became mad because of all the things the episode said you could do that SL really can't do.
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Does the new film "The Internship" count?

I haven't seen the film, but in the trailer the guys are asked to write an app. And later on, there asked to find a bug.

No idea if it's any good, though.

Lol I remember that firedraco :P

Does Temptation count? :P
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hackers does have one valid scene: when zerocool is naming off the technicolor rainbow books. i got really jealous...

and guys: TRON!
You will go to geekdom hell if you don't mention TRON.

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Not a movie but an old TV show.

Reboot, beware the megabyte.
Indie games the movie look quite good but there is not a turkish version of it like the Social Network and The Intership.

I can't understand why my people dont like anything about technology S:
They are only buying the most expensive things on the store and flaunt each other. ( I dont really know the meaning of flaunt used google traanslate :D )
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It means "to show off" basically.

You can also use a video player that accept subtitle files and search a subtitle website for the file.
I dont like subtiitles but it looks like i have to do it /: thanks.
I want to watch the movies on TV using a USB so how can i combine the movie and the subtitle?
I don't know about directly from the TV, but my blu ray player has a usb port where I get my dads 1 tb external hd and watch movies from it.
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