I'm smarter than you

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No, really, I am.
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lol you did that for the post count didnt you?

dont respond it will ruin it
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He has 6969 posts. 69.
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And Duoas was never heard of again...
Just 297 more posts and then I too can be funny!
I remember when I had 69 posts.

Good times.
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its ok chrisname we laugh at you already
Lol. #merk
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This guy is doing it for the posts and so I'm I :)
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What guy? If it's me I obviously don't do it for posts. A post count is dumb in my opinion.

If you're doing it for posts, that's just sad.
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were talking about duoas bro. its not sad its funny
It's actually very sad for Captain to do that for posts. It just makes my generation look bad.
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for captian: yes
for duoas not so much
It wasn't actually a post-count joke.
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that was a great conicendense then
3 * 23 * 101
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Teach me how to be a 1337 coder duoas
Over here smart mean top hat and tails, maybe that's what he means, he's sitting there in his tuxedo.

Well Duoas you smug bastard I hope you see something shocking and your monocle plops in your champagne and then when you take a big sip to steady your nerves you partially swallow it by mistake and choke and pass out and get found just before its too late,

but when you recover from your coma the brain damage from oxygen deficiency brings you down to our level but only a touch lower :P

NOTE: my post count is high but im proly the most beginner regular coder here, maybe it is wise to have some kind of record of kudos for helping, much better thing to be competitive about.
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