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A program that uses an imagination rather than memory...how can i research this

I want to make a (relatively) super simple console program that uses its memory and then applies a little imagination to give a certain result, i want an imagination function.

------i went off on a tangent here-----

one day I also want to give it some kind of motive so I can mix the learning algorithm AI scientists use to the program, but a bit later on for now.

I want to ask a program a question and it can solve the problem with a spot of creativity, like a human :D

I know this is actually super complicated but has anyone done some entry point experimentation?

Im going to study computer science but I feel this subject could one day make us all redundant, computers could be made by chemist/biologists, because using different levels of voltage to create a more complex number system for computers to work with would be temperamental, chemists and biologists could find ways round this problem, traditional methods we work with could be replaced with something alien :/

A simple and boring example would be creating a shape from its imagination and seeing how well it fits say a hole, it will create something else and compare the closeness and using the learnin algorythim it can solve a problem in an untraditional way (computer recognition uses databases a references right?)

so if i made a robot to catch a ball it can use a spot of imagination to get a feel for all the variables involved in catching a ball without going through the database route.

I done some research, but anyone know of a gentle way to get into this, any good articles and tutorials?

ultimately I want an emotional robot, so i can abuse it for giving me such a hard time creating it, just like god would do if he was real.
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I don't know how related this is, but I thought it was interesting; musical robots that can learn and improvise.

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The answer might not be as complicated as you think.

first what question do you want to solve?
next solve it for yourself, but take notes on how you solved it.
what was the process and in what order? what variables did you consider?

now write a program that mimics your exact process and in the same order.

I have been experimenting with AI for some time and this is how I go about it.
oh cool
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