How many people have had this happen

So i started learning SFML ( and im loving it ) and when i got to Vertexs and using them to render graphics, i fell in love with the look and decided i was going to make a program to draw pictures with them as my first project. never really doing a real project that required a larger amount of code i decided i would put all the functionality in one class.... then i realized how much more code would be needed.

my question to you all is how many of you started a project, and just tried to fit to much into one class and it turned into a big pile of ugly before you decided you needed to spread it out a bit more?
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Yeah, happens to me sometimes. I add more and more to it and eventually it becomes too large and unwieldy so I have to break it up somehow.
I did this and now I try to avoid this as much as possible. So I outline it on paper and do the painstaking process of writing each class. :|
I did it yesterday, tried writing a Zombie class in SDL. I had over 50 variables in that class, so I erased everything I worked on for three days, and now I'm be brainstorming.
Man, that is my process.
Write a bunch of shit that's in my head, get it to work (regardless of how it looks), then clean it up.

On the IRC bot I just finished, I had about 900 lines in main.cpp of prototype before I started splitting it up into files, encapsulating, and documenting.
That's just how I work, and I don't see a problem with it :p
my project is over 4000 lines of code, and almost half of it I wrote half a year ago, so it wouldn't work if I wouldn't be file oriented, and self commentating. btw, my Zombie class has had a breakthrough somewhere in the middle of the night :), also found a bug in my old code.
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