What do you guys generally use for your state management of your games?

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I curious what techniques everyone employs when they write their game's state managers. Do you use a simple FSM or a HFSM or even a Behavior Tree? Was just curious because I'm messing around with a little 2D vertical space shooter and can't decide which route to take for managing the overall game states, player states and AI states.

The only one I am familiar with is FSM and that is only with minor games that are at a very small scale. I would use it for this one but I wanted to take a crack at a more medium sized game and FSM design is a pain to manage I heard at larger scales.
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I just used an FSM. I guess it could be sort of an HFSM by virtue of how the connections are established but that's not enforced.

Didn't have any problems managing it so far really.
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