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Hey, since I'm writing this from my phone I'll just keep it as short as possible.

So I rebooted my computer earlier and now I can't get past the Windows boot manager, so my question is; is it possible to somehow restore the bootsect or my installation with only the use of an Android phone?

Recently moved so I don't have access to another computer, an USB drive or a DVD.

So far haven't found anything useful when searching...

Any help is appreciated. Thanks :P
I can't get past the Windows boot manager
What do you mean by this?
It fails. It actually just say that it failed to boot and the nice options that I've, which is either to contact my computer manufacturers support (... easier to do that with a computer I didn't build myself) or to insert my Windows recovery disk. Neither of them is an option for me right now.

Error 0x00000f (not sure how many zero's). Forgot to mention that...

Let me know if there's anything else I missed.
Normally I hate when people do this, but it seems like a reasonable next step in your case. Could you post a cell phone picture of the error screen? And please tell us you have an LCD by now, I hate trying to read over the refresh bars on CRT's. It sounds like a corrupted\missing file, dead HDD or a bad memory issue. Have you tried rolling back to your last restore point? Restore points get a bad reputation from garage sale technicians because people try to use them to get rid of infections, they are a valid option in your case. If you really can't burn and run something like UBCD right now then make sure that SMART reporting is turned on and Quick boot is turned off in your BIOS, these are tests your computer normally runs on POST but some people turn them off to improve their boot times, they will at least be able to catch any serious issues. Are there any odd noises comping from your computer, like clicking, grinding etc?

No odd sounds, SMART didn't find any error and at least BIOS lists my HDD with the correct name and all.

Probably the bootsect thingy that's corrupted, the problem is that I can't find a way to fix it when; 1, my computer doesn't start and 2, no USB memory (flash drive, whatever) and no recovery disk :P

Would it be possible to mount my SD card from recovery and somehow get all installation files on the SD? AFAIK, my computer should find my SD card as an USB drive... But I guess I'd still need a computer to make it boot able, right?

Spelling misstakes and my own faults are all my phone's fault.

Edit: and no restore points, I've always had access to USB drives so I've always just reinstalled everything so yeah... Didn't work this time when something ducked up :(
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keskiverto: although that seems to be related to bsod, not start-up problems...
You haven't done anything silly like change your HDD mode from AHCPI to IDE or visa verse right? In this case the BIOS would still see the drive but the OS wouldn't know how to talk to it. Other then that you'll probably have to find a Windows 7 disk. It actually doesn't matter where the disk comes from, as per the license agreement you paid all of that money for the sticker and the Serial Number on it. Just make sure you use a disk with the correct version of Windows.
Nope, just rebooted and that came up...

Don't know anyone here yet, so closest place I can get a disk right now is 300km from here :P

Meh, then I'll just have to survive for a week or two until I get my money... Planning on buying a laptop anyways :)

Thanks for trying to help, but except for my phone and an SD card there are no other solutions that I can try right now. Unless I find a kind neighbor with a spare disk I can borrow for an hour :P
OP said:
Unless I find a kind neighbor with a spare disk I can borrow for an hour :P

Considering the fact that you don't actually need this disk to run Windows, it's probably more likely then you think. Also, the comment about not knowing anyone for 300 KM makes me think that you just moved into a new apartment\dorm. This situation of yours is a perfect Ice Breaker, if you don't walk away from this with both a disk AND a date then you're not trying hard enough. You should bare minimum make a new friend out of this disaster.
Haha :D yea, new town and all, here to study for at least a year, and probably 3 years more after that.

Still, I need to find someone with a Windows disk (or just a USB drive, a computer and an internet connection...).

So, is it worth asking around?
It's definitely worth asking around about, I would go as far to say that actually fixing the issue is ancillary at this point. You have the perfect excuse to start a conversation with complete strangers without it seeming awkward in any way. Literally stopping people in the hall is almost excusable in this scenario. So slap on a sh** eating grin and go ask around, don't forget to actually introduce yourself or you will have wasted this opportunity.
Might do it later, food is more important right now.

Or throw my computer in the ground from my balcony, 3rd should be high enough right?

Anyway, back to my initial question, would it be possible to make my phone's SD card bootable, get all the files in the .iso on it and mount it from recovery on my phone so my computer will find it as a bootable USB drive?
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30' +/- up (40' if you're English) would be high enough to cause some damage and draw some attention. I don't know if being labeled as the campus rage-aholic on your first day is the best move for you socially speaking. But to each their own. Seriously though, college is NOT the time to be shy around new people.
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Are you running Windows 7?

If you have a legitimate license key for Windows 7 you can download the official ISO for the Windows 7 Edition you need from digital river and make your own disk for free.
@ darkestfright: *FACE-DESK*. Don't you think I would have suggested something like this if the OP said he was at home? Even if the only thing they got was someone else on campus recommending the exact same thing you did, OP would be better off then by taking your advice from an anonymous face on a forum.
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College campuses have these things called libraries, and *gasp* computer labs that OP could probably download the digital river media from. It's called "using your brain for 3 seconds", and a 4gB usb drive costs what...5$ these days? You'd be hard pressed to find a place on campus that doesn't have these things readily available.
I agree, it is called "using your brain for 3 seconds", and if you were doing that then you'd realize that when I said "... actually fixing the issue is ancillary at this point." I meant exactly that. The OP has a chance to meet people and introduce himself to complete strangers in a new environment, which I'm sure you'll agree is actually much harder to do then fixing his computer is. Some of us are actually capable of multi-tasking, this is what I am suggesting the OP does.
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First off, not living on a campus and my school doesn't open until on Thursday, which is the same day I'll get money so I'll just buy a laptop that I can also bring to lectures and such. Desktop computer is not ideal for this ;)

Second, so far I've not seen a single soul here and been asking around and no one seems to have what I need.

So I'm still interested in my idea and whether it will work or not...

(also not trying to sound rude, so I'll add a smiley here :) )
If you're referring to your idea about making your phone bootable then I doubt it would be possible only because that OS was written for an ARM processor which would be a different instruction set entirely from x86\x64. But in the 14 years I've been repairing computers though, that specific need has never come up for me so I've never actually researched it.
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