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I am in my third semester studying computer science in pakistan and i made a phonebook project in my second semester without object programming using structures what kind of project have you done in your college in 2nd semester using c++.
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Make a mario-like platformer.
i made number catching game i could share it with you if you want and mario needs good graphics which is impossible becuase i know how to use only SetConsoleScreentextAtrributour one thing could you share your projects with me that arent very complicated and are gaame based mostly
Woah. I didn't know you were still in the console. Look up SDL or SFML, you can use them both to make an actual window and then use graphics.

Graphics themselves aren't complicated, it's game rules/balance that is.
you have just opened a new dimension into this there stuff for gaming in c++ awesome can i download it which ones better and were are could totorials for it i am really syched up now i want to make a simple snake game perhaps for my third semester project
Snake is kinda harder than it seems. Start off with pong, once you finish snake should be a blast.

Matter of fact after that I'd go straight to asteroids.
In my course we started C in the second semester. The first one was focused on boolean algebra, bash, logic gates and some other stuff I don't remember.
There's this problem in SDL it wont detect compiler i have VC++2010 Express:
Current compiler doesn't have correctly defined debugger!
ToDoList: Warning: No to-do types or comment symbols selected to search for, nothing to do.
ToDoList: Warning: No to-do types or comment symbols selected to search for, nothing to do.
Create new parser for project 'Test'
Project 'Test' parsing stage done!
Did you create an "empty" project with no precompiled headers?
yes details are can not find -lmingw32 -lSDLmain-lSDL
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