Any other metal heads?

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Loudwire is doing a best of the best metal drummer poll tournament. Personally, I'm a little bummed that Mangini won't be going head to head with Portnoy. The former Dream Theater's new drummer, the latter the founding member Mangini replaced. (that said, Carey > Mangini on technical merit. Hands down.)
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I love to listen to Disturbed (Favorite Rock Band), System Of A Down, Korn, Linkin Park, Metallica basically all the rock music I grew up on. I sometimes listen to the really heavy stuff and don't really mind it but wouldn't say I am a total metal head.

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I used to be into Metallica when I was in highschool. Guess I just grew out of it.
I grew up on Metallica (still love them). I got into Disturbed after their "Down with the sickness" was in Dawn of the Dead. I love all kinds of music though so I'm not the best one to ask about if I'm a metal head or not.
Wow I just saw mangini last night for the first time, pretty good shit, I'm into more like melodic death metal, Children Of Bodom, InFlames, Arch Enemy, As I Lay Dying, stuff like that but I do enjoy me some Alestorm(pirate metal!) and I listen to a LOT of punk rock too Misfits, Ramones, The Unseen, The Casualties, other stuff
I listen to alot of the same bands Zeroe mentioned, however disturbed isnt my favorite, Korn is.

I would say im a bit of a metal head, but i do listen to other genres as well. My only requirement for me to like something is that it does something that fits my definition of "musically interesting". being a guitarist/electronic musician, i need a great riff for it to catch my attention.

Explain why you would listen to this crappy music?

They friggen scream and wear tight pants that look horrible.

*this isn't to put anyone down*

i believe the bands who you say produce crappy music and assumed to wear crappy music would consider that being "put down". maybe they arent included under "anyone"

Lumpkin wrote:
Explain why you would listen to this crappy music?

They friggen scream and wear tight pants that look horrible.

Oh my, young and ignorant friend. You speak of only one breed of metal. I like to call that bitch-metal. Allow me to enlighten you...

Dream Theater (Progressive Metal):
Turisas (Symphonic Folk Metal):
Blind Guardian (Folk Power Metal):
Eluveitie (Melodic Death Metal):
Tool (Progressive Metal):

First is Portnoy's old band (and honestly a damned shame they wont take him back)
Last Danny Carey's band. Also, fun fact. The syllables of the lyrics in Lateralus form ascending and descending elements of the Fibonacci Sequence (listen to the lyrics towards the end, the symbolism continues) Also, there is a point where Carey is playing 4/4 on bass drum and while doing something to the tune of 9/8 on everything else, high hat included. (could be off on that time signature, I was always horrible with that)

edit: blind guardian are know by their fans as "The Bards." They have an album that tells the story of The Silmarillion. I think that more or less summarizes their style.
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Lumpkin wrote:
Explain why you would listen to this crappy music?

They friggen scream and wear tight pants that look horrible.

Yeah...You are so wrongly informed. Metallica, Megadeth, and a few others were big in the 80s and 90s. Metallica is still doing music now, but here is a picture of how they looked in the 80s and how they look today:
I think it'd be best to just ignore Lumpkin's reply rather than to try to defend your taste in music to him. It'd be a shame for the thread to be derailed after the very first reply.

This thread is about people who like metal to talk about it. If you're not into metal, the best course of action is to simply not reply.
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anyone like Dope?
I've only listened to Dope's album Life, but it was a damn good album
If it's not pure death metal, black metal, melodic metalcore, or emo(whatever that is), then it's cool in my book. For me it doesn't get better than early 90's death-doom/gothic metal.

I don't care for the term "metalhead" though. It sounds like an obsessive person. Metal is my favorite genre but I don't even know the names of half the musicians I listen to.
@twiggystardust: Dope is a great band. I've been a fan since I saw them live in concert. It's odd to see a band with a front man as charismatic as "Edsel Dope" not be more popular then they are.

@ Paoletti301: Felons and Revolutionaries was much better then Life (which was still pretty good on it's own). I haven't had a chance to listen to their new one yet.

@ knn9: I would consider some of Slipknot's (Vermilion and Wait and Bleed for example), and most of Mudvaynes work to be "Melodic Metal". But if you're trying to distance yourself from the "Emo" stuff like Black Bell Brides then I understand what you're saying. Jack Black really nailed the separation of the metal genre when he made the game Brutal Legends.

I'm a NuMetal-Head, I started off with NIN, Filter and Orgy and I still tend to like the heavier stuff better.

EDIT: Also thank you guys who posted some new stuff to listen to. I don't have the time that I used to have to dig through all of the great bands that aren't played on Pandora yet.
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I wasn't planning on getting this thread derailed. Thanks for informing me, I thought there was only one type.
I'm really into black metal more than anything else. Amongst my favourite bands are Taake (pronounced "toh-keh"), 1349 and Carpathian Forest but I'm into a lot of other black metal bands. I'm quite into the DSBM sub-genre (DSBM stands for depressive/suicidal black metal, but I listen to it for the atmosphere and raw emotion, not because I'm depressed or suicidal). I would say Woods of Desolation and Coldworld were my favourite DSBM bands. Also, though they're not DSBM, the band Lifelover was similar and I like them a lot (I don't really know what to classify them as). For intro to black metal, you definitely shouldn't start with DSBM or bands like Taake. Although I hate the album, the best way to start would probably be Satyricon's album The Pentegram Burns (specifically the song KING). I hate it because it has a very radio friendly sound (for black metal) and I see it as a betrayal to the genre, and the fact that it comes from one of the very best black metal bands rubs salt in the wound, but I think it's more palatable to someone who hasn't acquired a taste for black metal. The later albums of the band Mayhem are similar; the only song from their later albums that I like is called Dark Night of the Soul, so you can start with that one.

Other essential black metal bands are
* Bathory - Swedish progenitor, basically defined the low production value and raspy vocal style that would prevail in black metal. Later also invented Viking metal. My favourite song is called The Return of the Darkness and Evil.
* Burzum - another one-man project and probably the most infamous black metal act after he was convicted of the murder of Mayhem's original guitarist and the highly publicised arson of several Norwegian churches. My favourite song is called Belus' Død from one of his more recent albums.
* Darkthrone - only released three good albums (called the Unholy Trinity), though they were three of the best black metal albums ever released, and later turned into an insufferably pretentious punk band. My favourite song is Transilvanian Hunger.
* Gorgoroth - who have the most classic black metal sound as well as having probably the only seriously hardcore satanist band member in the entire genre. My favourite song is Open the Gates.
* Immortal - their later albums are also probably more palatable to someone unfamiliar with the black metal aesthetic, but without compromising on "trueness". Immortal also win big points for the frontman's personality. The thing to remember about Immortal is that they are basically a parody of the genre, despite having been at its forefront for their (and its) entire history. My favourite song is called Tyrants.
there are a lot more but I don't want to keep on about something that most people won't care about. If anyone does care for more suggestions I can make them though. Also, check out this site: it's actually a really good list and includes a few more obscure bands if you like to pretend to be really deep and all about the underground, like I pretend to be.

I also like death metal, generally the more technical side like Obscura, Necrophagist, The Faceless and later Death albums, but I haven't listened to much in a long while. If you're looking to get into death metal, you should probably start with Cannibal Corpse. I did. They're kind of the absolute standard death metal band so they're a good starting point. I think the first Cannibal Corpse album I listened to was Bloodthirst. Probably my favourite song from that album is Unleashing the Bloodthirsty so start with that.

Another of my favourite bands is Opeth although I've scarcely listened to or enjoyed anything post-2001 by them due to their gradual change from what was a complex fusion of black metal, death metal and avant garde/progressive metal to what is basically now progressive soft rock.

As for thrash, I never really got into it. I was very much into Megadeth, Slayer and old Metallica, and I'm aware of German thrash bands like Kreator plus a few other American ones like Exodus as well as Sepultura from Brazil (their first three albums anyway) but I don't really like any of those bands or listen to them these days.

Then there's classic heavy metal bands like Dio, Maiden, Sabbath, Priest, etc. who I do like, but again I never got really into them.

Finally, there's what I call operatic thrash metal to describe the bands Mercyful Fate and King Diamond (King Diamond being the solo project of the vocalist of Mercyful Fate), who I do quite like, though his vocal style really is an acquired taste. I recommend the songs The Candle and Corpse Without Soul by King Diamond (they are actually Mercyful Fate covers but I prefer the King Diamond versions), but again, the vocals will probably be an obstacle to most people at first.
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I've been getting back into Mushroom head lately, anyone else a fan?
Mushroomhead is cool, though I haven't listened to them much after Savior Sorrow. XX and XIII are great albums though I'd say.

@ knn9: I would consider some of Slipknot's (Vermilion and Wait and Bleed for example), and most of Mudvaynes work to be "Melodic Metal". But if you're trying to distance yourself from the "Emo" stuff like Black Bell Brides then I understand what you're saying. Jack Black really nailed the separation of the metal genre when he made the game Brutal Legends.

I really meant melodic metalcore the genre. Bands like All That Remains, All Shall Perish, etc. Too heavy on the double kicks and clean vocals that I find boring. I like other metalcore though.
I like Two Weeks and a handful of songs off the album before Overcome. That is the extent of All that remains that I enjoy.

twiggystardust wrote:
anyone like dope?

I like dope! oh, you meant the band. Never heard of em. [5]

Coheed and Cambria seems to be one of those bands you either love or hate. They're definitely not on the heavy end of the metal spectrum, but I'd put them more prog metal than prog rock for the most part (in recent years).
(if you get none of what I'm about to say, that's ok. you'd kinda have to know some of the story already)
Their two latest albums are the earliest chronologically in the story their albums tell. They follow the cosmonaut Sirius Amory, the first to investigate the keywork. What he finds when he gets there is that keywork is composed of the souls of the dead, and while there he is possessed by 5 spirits in succession, and forced to relive their final moments. These stories are told in the 5 part suite in these albums. The first soul is of a Boxer who has been using steriods given to him by a crime lord, who is in turn betting on his fights. The boxer, domino, eventually loses. Costing his crime lord a lot of money. To make up for it, he and his brother are forced to rob and blow up armored truck. The robbery is botched and his brother is wounded by the police after setting the bomb. Realizing they are both going to die, Domino takes his own life, leaving his brother to die in the explosion.

Key Entity Extraction I: Domino the Destitute:
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Cheraphy: I almost put a disclaimer such as (the band not the drug) or (no drugs) or something, but that just made my day! haha
Twiggy: I'd hoped that would be the reaction :P And I just got the bowie reference that is your username. Excellent.
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