where would you start?

Lets say all I wanted to do was create a simple window like screen. It would be empty and white, but then I click and drag my mouse cursor across the window and a black scribble would appear on the window. Then I want to save that as a .bmp file. Like a paint program. How would I begin this project? What api should I use?

Any ideas?
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Any graphics library should work and I believe a GUI library like QT and wxWidgets has support for a paint like program (Though not positive).
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holy crap zereo! Thanks. Just a quick peek at those, and right away I think wxWidgets will serve nicely. As for QT, I don't know maybe but first impressions are important.

Does anyone prefer QT over wxWidgets?
I haven't used wxwidgets but qt is easy to use and has great references/tutorials on their site.
The forum there is also pretty active or was when I was using qt.

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