Python Code On School Computers?

So, during my study hall in the technology room, I was d-king around and I found something interesting.

There was some code in PYTHON. I messed around with it, looking at how the programmers did stuff (Thank God I decided to look at Python tutorials), and I got an idea of how it worked.

So, I'm wondering what place would Python programmers have in the industry?

Sorry for these recent posts, there are just so many things I'm noticing.
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Python is getting pretty big in server side web development and dynamic webpages with the Django which is like Rudy On Rails. It also has a strong presence in scientific software. Another major use is when rapid prototyping is needed or short development time. It also has a pretty good presence in scripting in games.

Really Python can be used for pretty much anything with some exceptions.
So should invest more time on strengthening C/++/ learning Java, or on Python?

Yea, and do you think python would be good with writing viruses and stuff?

I realized I could hang any computer by:
print 10**(100**10)

Or something like that
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also if you want to do anything for udacity (thats an amazing site) its great to know python
Depends on entirely on the "virus" (extremely broad term).

Python is great though. It definitely is widely used in the industry. Can't hurt to learn. If you already have programming experience it won't take you very long at all to get it down.
I know some people that do professional programming in Python. It seems to be getting used as Zereo said, in server side web development.
I know that Blender add-ons are made in python. I suppose writing one would be a good thing to put in a portfolio.
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I wrote a JSON api for an iOS application using Python and Django. The application performs HTTP requests to Nginx server running the Python/Django backend, the Python ORM queries the database and sends back JSON to the iOS device in the HTTP response. The iOS application than processes the data and creates the views on the application to present to the user.

Took all of a few days to get it working, where if I would have used C++ it would have taken weeks or months.
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